Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Future of Rock and Roll?

I was playing about with that Next Blog thing up there in the corner just now (yes, there's never a dull moment round here). Anyway, after about the fifth lot of cats or surfboarders I came across this offering from The Tomas Szbarro Family, which appears to be a bit of a gem.

They've got their christmas single out already, which is maybe a little bit proactive for my tastes, but the gifts on offer more than make up for that slight indiscretion. As they suggest, I have added a link thing to this blog and I suggest anyone who loves good music should pay their site a visit, listen to the tunes and do the same...


At 7:23 pm, Blogger wayland2002 said...

A work of tortured genius!
I can see a christmas number one in the making.
Yes it may be a bit "blue" in places but nothing worse than you hear in any school playground.

Long live Tomas Szbarro.

At 8:09 pm, Blogger Fur Q said...

My God, what was that?! If that's not the best summation of the spirit of Xmas I've ever heard then I'm a lesbian porn queen. What a solo! Roll over Steve Vai, you haven't got the skills to pay *these* bills!!!

At 8:48 am, Blogger hungbunny said...

That has reaffirmed my belief in little baby Jesus. Bravo!


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