Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Drink Review: Gin

Now here we have a real treat. I found this particular bottle in Sainsburys, where it was (perhaps not surprisingly) the cheapest Gin available. Notice that they couldn't even be bothered to put any Sainsburys branding on the label, instead opting for an austere design which Winston Smith would surely recognise (assuming he could remember anything after the lobotomy). Perhaps they're ashamed of it.

Despite not being the strongest or most pleasant tasting drink I've ever taken, this does have a number of properties that set it apart from other alcoholic beverages. First is a powerful narcotic quality that kept me awake and lucid for long enough to write about turds at three in the morning. Second was an equally powerful narcotic effect that had me forget all about having done this until I noticed the blog post all about turds. Third is the brutal nausea it induced and from which I have only just recovered, a good 36 hours later.

In short: Well worth £6, I award it a full 10/10.